About Metacrylics®

Since 1976, Metacrylics® has set the standard for the energy efficient coatings industry. With innovative formulations and Total Service™ technical support, Metacrylics® combines the highest quality acrylic and silicone product with the most comprehensive customer and installer support. For over 40 years, Metacrylics® has consistently delivered on its goal of supplying sustainable roofing solutions with the highest level of performance. Metacrylics® is a division of IPS® Corporation, and operates in Gilroy, California.



metacrylics white roof

Metacrylics® is committed to manufacturing professional roof coating solutions for nearly any surface type. Metacrylics®, formulated with high quality non-hazardous materials, has been installed on the most rigorously specified jobs in the country. See Job List & Testimonials for more information.

Metacrylics acrylic formulas contains the ideal blend of resins, fillers and additives, creating a system that withstands ponding water. Our coatings form a seamless layered monolithic roof system along with strong adhesion to nearly any roofing surface and in any climate, with resistance to building and roof movement, expansion, and contraction.


Metacrylics® prides itself on providing comprehensive customer service and is available every step of the way.  Metacrylics provides information and support before the purchase, during the installation, and after the project is completed. Metacrylics® offers renewable warranties up to 30 years.

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