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Polyester Fabrics

Metacrylics Polyester Fabrics provide the ideal combination of strength and elongation for Metacrylics roof and deck systems.

METACRYLICS T272 is a soft stitched polyester fabric that conforms to irregular roof surfaces, as well as embedded gravel. T272 is easy to handle and apply.

METACRYLICS T325 is a medium stitched polyester fabric that can be used on smooth or mildly irregular roofing surfaces. T325 is easy to handle and apply.

METACRYLICS T326 is a firm stitched polyester fabric with a sturdy finish to help reduce wrinkles during application. T326 is ideal for smooth roofing surfaces, offering a clean, wrinkle-free roof. T326 is easy to handle and apply.

METACRYLICS W201 is a knit fabric designed to prevent moisture penetration with higher elongation and strength than standard fabrics. W201 is flexible in every direction and is ideal for use on any smooth or irregular roofing surface. W201 also offers a better perm-rate than other fabrics, giving the system an added layer of strong reinforcement that does not absorb as much coating as standard fabrics. This is often used with silicone coating systems.

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