Gels/Liquid Flashing

Acrylic Gel


Metacrylics Acrylic Gel, a reflective elastomeric mastic, can be used as permanent leak repair or waterproofing for any roof surface. Acrylic Gel is highly adhesive and resistant to UV, thermal shock, and moisture. Acrylic Gel is easy to tool and install, and is available in white, gray, and clear.

Like all Metacrylics products, Acrylic Gel is formulated with high-quality resins and without zinc oxide. Because Acrylic Gel does not contain zinc oxide, it is safer for the environment and provides better adhesion to certain surfaces.


Metacrylics Acrylic Gel is formulated for use as a waterproofing or repair mastic for roof blisters, drains, scuppers, copping, splits, cracks, fishmouths, perimeter base and curb flashings over wood, metal, concrete, urethane, epoxies, rubber, single-plies, BUR asphalt, emulsion and other surfaces.

Silicone Gel


Metacrylics Silicone Gel is a high solids, single component flashing membrane used for waterproofing and sealing penetration details for Metacrylics Silicone roofing systems. Silicone Gel is designed as an easy –to-install liquid flashing to provide leak protection in difficult areas.


Metacrylics Silicone Gel is formulated for use as a waterproofing or repair mastic for reinforcement of seams, flashings, and penetrations. Silicone Gel can be used on a variety of substrates including direct-to-metal (DTM), spray polyurethane foam, smooth built up, smooth modified, granulated modified, concrete, single-ply, flashings fasteners, field seam, scuppers, and drains.

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