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Please read the warranty information below before submitting the Warranty Request Form below.

Metacrylics® Roof System Guarantee

Length of available Warranties:

  • Five (5), Ten (10), Fifteen (15), Twenty (20), Thirty (30) years renewable

Material Warranty:

  • Inspection fee of $250

No Dollar Limit (NDL) material & labor warranty:

  • Inspection minimum of $1,500 or $.08/sq. ft., whichever is greater.

Inspection Appointment:

  • Call 800-922-7152 to schedule. Wait 48 hours or more after the job has been completed so the product has had time to cure.

Post Inspection:

  • Once eligibility is confirmed, the warranty request will be processed.

Receipt of Warranty:

  • Once Metacrylics® receives payment, you will receive a signed and stamped Warranty Guarantee.

Metacrylics® Roof System Guarantee:

  • Metacrylics® guarantees to the original Owner that during the term commencing with the date of completion, Metacrylics® will pay for the materials reasonably required to repair the roofing system to return it to a watertight condition if leaks occur due to: (i) ordinary wear and tear of any or all of the component materials of the roofing system or (ii) workmanship deficiencies at the time of application of the roofing system.

Effective Date & Transferability:

  • This limited warranty may be transferred in writing during the first ten years of coverage to the first subsequent owner of the building upon which the roof/deck is installed on the condition that Metacrylics® receives notice by registered mail and a transfer fee of $250.00 (Attention: Warranty Transfers, C/O Metacrylics®, P.O. Box 5248, San Jose, CA 95150) from the original owner. Lack of proper notification by the original owner will cause warranty expiration.

What to Do if the Roof Leaks:

  • Building Owner must notify Metacrylics® immediately upon discovery of the leak and in no event later than 30 days after discovery of the leak.

In Response to This Notice:

  • If the leaks are the responsibility of Metacrylics® under this Guarantee, Metacrylics® will pay for the Metacrylics® materials necessary to return the Roofing System to a watertight condition, or
  • If the leaks are not the responsibility of Metacrylics® under this Guarantee, its representatives may, at the Building Owner’s request, advise the building owner within a reasonable time of the minimum repairs that Metacrylics® believes are required to return the Roofing System to a watertight condition, if the Building Owner, at his expense, promptly makes such repairs to the Roofing System this Guarantee will remain in effect for the unexpired portion of its term. Failure to make these repairs in a timely and reasonable fashion will void any further obligation of Metacrylics® under this Guarantee as to the damaged portion of the roofing system.
  • In the event an emergency condition exists which requires immediate repair to avoid substantial damage to the building or its contents, then Building Owner may make essential temporary repairs. Metacrylics® will reimburse Building Owner for those reasonable materials expenses which would have been Metacrylics® responsibility under this Guarantee but for the emergency condition.


Metacrylics®, 365 Obata Court, Gilroy, CA 95020

Phone: 408-280-7733

Fax: 408-280-6329


Metacrylics NDL Warranty Document

Contractor Agreement on Labor Warranty

Material Warranty Template Materials & Labor Sample – 10 year

NDL Warranty Template Materials Labor Sample – 15 year

NDL Warranty Template Materials Labor Sample – 20 year

Metacrylics Material & Labor (NDL) Warranty Samples



Warranty Request Form

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