Metacrylics Roof & Tile Sealer protects and restores tile roofs. Aged or failing tile roofs absorb moisture, creating extra weight on the structure. Metacrylics Roof & Tile Primer penetrates and strengthens the surface.  Metacrylics Roof & Tile Sealer creates a seal on the surface that blocks moisture from the tile.   As a result, it eliminates the extra weight load. Roof & Tile Sealer is available in 36 colors.

Warranty* Materials Required for 100 ft² (1 Roofing Square)
TypeLengthRoof & Tile PrimerColor Roof & Tile SealerPenetrationsRoof & Tile Sealer
Clear5-Year0.5 gal. 200 sf/gal.-3-Course1.25 gal/100 sf (80 sf/gal)
Color5-Year0.5 gal. 200 sf/gal.1.25 gal./100 sf (80 sf/gal.)3-Course-
Color10-Year0.5 gal. 200 sf/gal.2 gal./100 sf (80 sf/gal.)3-Course-

*Always consult your Metacrylics rep or contact Metacrylics for full warranty specifications


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