Tar & Gravel

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) is typically multiple plies of roofing adhered with hot tar and using either a mineral surfaced cap sheet or loose gravel applied to the final layer for fire protection.

Metacrylics coatings provide protection over aging or failing tar and gravel roofs. As tar and gravel roofs age, the gravel loosens and leaves the membrane vulnerable to UV rays and weathering. Tar and gravel roofs also absorb and hold heat, increasing roof and internal temperatures and leading to increased energy and utility costs. Metacrylics coatings provide protection by reflecting heat and sunlight, leading to a more energy efficient building. Metacrylics coatings also withstand ponding conditions and resist debris, protecting the existing membrane from water infiltration. By coating the existing tar & gravel roof with Metacrylics, building owners and managers are able to avoid costly tear-offs and re-roofs.