Silicone Coatings

Why Metacrylics® Silicone?

Metacrylics High Solids Silicone is a low VOC fluid applied coating designed for better adhesion and labor-saving installation. This moisture-cured coating is formulated with high volume solids (98%) to provide superior durability, reflectivity, weatherproofing, and UV and debris resistance.


Metacrylics HS Silicone requires no fabric reinforcement or primers for most installations, cutting down on time and labor requirements. Always consult with Metacrylics to determine if a primer is needed before installation.

Metacrylics HS Silicone offers faster cure times for installations in areas where approaching weather is a concern.


Metacrylics HS Silicone has better adhesion capabilities to silicone and can be used over existing Metacrylics coatings or other existing coatings when the surface is correctly prepared.


This product can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on a variety of roof surfaces. In most cases, no fabric reinforcement or primer is needed.