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Metacrylics secret is simple. We start with the finest grade of acrylic resin available for roofing and decks, then add the highest grade Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) available, along with other ingredients. Then, slowly mixed for hours until perfect. That's why our Acrylic White has a 98.9% luminous reflectance. Most of our competitors don't even display their % reflectance on their literature or labels!

No water or plasticizers* are added to our products, except to facilitate or re-emulsify some of the ingredients. We don't trade-off quality by artificially enhancing our products' flexibility or thin down our products with water. Our products last two to three times longer than other roof coating products.

Metacrylics reinforcing stitchbond polyester fabric (manufactured by Titex, Inc.) is simply the best fabric we've ever field-tested. Laboratory tests of 12 different fabrics revealed its superiority, when used with Metacrylics Acrylics, regardless of price.

*Plasticizer: A product that artificially induces and increases the rubber-like characteristics in a product, conversely affecting the longevity and weathering characteristics (resistance to UV) of the elastomeric product. In short, by adding a plasticizer to the product, the life of the product is substantially shorten in a trade off for the increased flexibility of the product.


Metacrylics is competitively priced with other quality roofing products, but when it's time to renew, the re-application cost is minimal, only the Primer and Acrylic Color coats are applied. The acrylic BASE & POLYESTER are permanent and virtually unaffected by time, and are simply re-coated again, and again, ... and again. Our customers consider this to be the best value in the roofing industry due to reduced maintenance costs, the renewable lifetime warranty and energy savings. The owner of a 22,000 s.f. building had a savings of $697.32 during the summer months - the equivalent of 3 inches or more of insulation, or an R-20 rating.


All Metacrylics products are manufactured under strict quality control and monitored by Underwriters Laboratories. Samples are gathered, sealed, and shipped to UL's Laboratory by UL's technicians, where they are examined by spectrograph to ascertain strict quality standards set by ICBO and Metacrylics. Rated at 1,914 psi and 105 PSF Wind Uplift by UL, the Metacrylics system is tough. High-foot traffic is no problem and is specified and recommended for non-skid Walking Decks and as a Deck Coating. Our system exceeds competitive products in many categories when tested by the State of California's Transportation Department and the U.S. Navy. California's Department of Housing and Community Development even recommends Metacrylics products for waterproofing and re-roofing.


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